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Setting out involves checking the design information supplied by the architect, structural engineer and suppliers. Once this is done and any discrepancy are highlighted and rectified we use this information to accurately mark out features on the ground. This may be building corners, earth works, sewers, road works, steel structures or line work.


LINNENCES use trimble instruments, supplemented with GPS systems for larger developments, ensuring integrity is maintained within your Primary Control Network and the setting out is to the highest degree of accuracy.

​Each set-out point is surveyed after installation to check accuracy.


Site Control

  • Establishment of the Primary Survey Control for a project

  • Best fit the architects grid system to an existing building

  • Check and audit existing Primary Survey Control established by others

  • Establish level datum's and FFL's on site

Setting Out

  • Piling

  • Commercial and domestic buildings

  • Groundworks / Drainage

  • Formwork

  • Line and level steelwork

  • Cladding

  • Pre-cast elements

  • Architectural metalwork

  • Landscaping

  • 2D and 3D co-ordinate systems

  • Quarries and land fill sites

  • Roads and highways


For a Quotation please call 0141 628 5808 or 07737597273


(Please include any plans or drawings you may have)

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